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    ASLAN International

    Building up people, building up nations

Hi, we welcome you to the ASLAN International Ministries’ website!

Working for over 25 years in the Middle East, Drs. Evan and Mary Jane Edwards founded ASLAN International. Feeding the poor, distributing over half a million New Testaments and Bibles, opening Prayer and Crisis Hotlines in four cities – this is the heartbeat of ASLAN International. In spite of numerous arrests – now the Turkish Religious Affairs Department has called it one of the foremost strategies, and one of the well-known Christian services in Turkey. Over 1000 national newspaper articles have been written about the ministry work in Turkey, and most recently a Warner Brothers movie. The books, “It’s a Happy Life” and “Purely Joy” tell the stories behind the scenes of the work ASLAN International in Turkey. Loving the poor, training nationals, planting churches, transformed lives, is all a part of ASLAN’s work in the nation of Turkey. Together with you – our aim is to demonstrate compassion, mercy, and a passion for people.

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